Indecent Noise - Live @ The Energy Box pres. #NOI5E at Hidden in London, UK (2014-01-01)

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Length: 297:18
Broadcast source: SBD

[00:00]01.Liquid Soul & Symbolic - Different Reality (Vertical Mode Remix)(02:30)
[02:30]02.Neelix - Wherever You Are(02:30)
[04:59]03.Side Effects - Acid Trip (Indecent Noise Re-Edit)(02:37)
[07:36]04.Astrix - Dharma (Vertical Mode Remix)(02:16)
[09:52]05.Neelix & Potter - Good Evening(02:37)
[12:29]06.Sonic Sense & Solaris Vibe - Pornstars Overdose(01:22)
[13:50]07.Liquid Soul - Have You Ever (Indecent Noise Edit)(02:50)
[16:41]08.Juno Reactor - Pistolero (Astrix Remix)(02:16)
[18:57]09.Vertical Mode - Twist Me Up (Indecent Noise Edit)(01:15)
[20:12]10.John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence - Dark On Fire(03:36)
[23:48]11.Lostly - Morningside(02:42)
[26:30]12.Allan Morrow - Why We Do This(01:48)
[28:19]13.Will Atkinson - Unleash(04:17)
[32:36]14.David Rust vs. RMB - Deep Fractal (Indecent Nose Mashup)(03:30)
[36:05]15.Kaimo K - Machete (Indecent Noise Edit)(02:42)
[38:47]16.Oakenfold feat. Carla Werner - Southern Sun (Angry Man Remix)(03:40)
[42:27]17.Jase Thirlwall vs. Motorcycle - As The Rush Freaks (JOC Mashup)(03:43)
[46:10]18.Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (John O'Callaghan Analog Tech Rework)(02:56)
[49:06]19.Ben Nicky - Pebbles (Angry Man Remix)(02:32)
[51:38]20.System F feat. Armin van Buuren - Exhale (AJ Hutch Rework)(04:07)
[55:45]21.Lostly - Second Sight(00:54)
[56:39]22.Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me (Lostly Remix)(02:15)
[58:54]23.Dallas Superstars - Fine Day(03:50)
[62:44]24.Ehren Stowers vs. Lostly vs. The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In 3D (Indecent Noise Mashup)(03:09)
[65:53]25.Thomas Bronzwaer - Sundown (Sneijder Remix) (Indecent Noise Rework)(03:09)
[69:03]26.Matt Bowdidge - Still By Your Side(02:29)
[71:31]27.Inertia - The Chamber (Indecent Noise Remix)(04:34)
[76:05]28.U2 - New Year's Day (Ferry Corsten Extended Vocal Mix)(04:27)
[80:32]29.Solarstone with Giuseppe Ottaviani - Falcons (John O'Callaghan Remix)(01:35)
[82:07]30.Akesson - Perfect Blue (Allan Morrow Remix)(04:03)
[86:10]31.Allen Watts - Fast Lane (Bryan Kearney Rework)(03:09)
[89:19]32.Aly & Fila and Susana - Without You (Extended Mix)(03:36)
[92:56]33.Johan Ekman - Rollability(01:48)
[94:44]34.The Space Brothers - Everywhere I Go (Push Transcendental Mix) (Indecent Noise's Godskitchen Rework)(03:01)
[97:45]35.Commander Tom - Are Am Eye? (John Askew Remix)(03:36)
[101:21]36.Marc Simz - Forbidden City (Indecent Noise Remix)(03:36)
[104:58]37.Underworld - Push Upstairs (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)(03:13)
[108:10]38.Sound De-Zign - Happiness (Coast 2 Coast Remix) (Indecent Noise Dub Re-Edit)(02:42)
[110:52]39.Robbie Van Doe - Devil's Night(03:09)
[114:02]40.Indecent Noise & Lostly - Lost In Noise(02:15)
[116:17]41.Guardians Of The Earth - Starchildren (Paul van Dyk Remix) (Indecent Noise Edit)(02:56)
[119:13]42.John O'Callaghan - Riders Of Rohan(02:49)
[122:02]43.Binary Finary & Lele Troniq feat. Christina Novelli - Waiting For The Sun (James Dymond Remix) (Indecent Noise Edit)(03:11)
[125:13]44.Astral Projection - Mahadeva (Lyctum Remix)(02:56)
[128:09]45.Bryan Kearney - Stealth Bomber (Sam Jones & Will Rees Remix)(03:36)
[131:45]46.Eddie Bitar - Captain Charlie (Jordan Suckley Remix)(03:36)
[135:21]47.Energy 52 - Café Del Mar (Marco V Remix)(02:49)
[138:10]48.DJ JamX - Warriors(03:09)
[141:20]49.Indecent Noise & Eddie Bitar - Poltergeist (Mark Sherry Remix)(03:36)
[144:56]50.Marc Dawn - Expander (Flutlicht Remix)(02:47)
[147:43]51.Indecent Noise - Protos Heis (Tech Take)(03:36)
[151:20]52.Armin van Buuren & Markus Schulz - The Expedition (ASOT 600 Anthem) (Indecent Noise Remix)(04:03)
[155:23]53.Rafferty & Kershaw - We Are Connected(04:03)
[159:26]54.Magenta - Twisted Spirit (Indecent Noise Rework)(03:50)
[163:16]55.Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson - Beat Dem Bad (Indecent Noise Edit)(02:57)
[166:14]56.Agnelli & Nelson pres. A&N Project - Quest (Henrik Zuberstein Remix) (Indecent Noise Edit)(02:02)
[168:15]57.DJ Tiësto - Flight 643 (Tasso Rework)(01:21)
[169:37]58.Marco V vs. Jens - Loops & Tings (Cristian Ketelaars Rework)(02:29)
[172:05]59.Remy & Roland Klinkenberg - Till Ya Drop! (Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase Remix)(02:42)
[174:48]60.Clouds - Consciousness (Henrik Zuberstein Rework) (Indecent Noise Edit)(02:42)
[177:30]61.Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr feat. Beardyman vs. P.E.M & Organ Donors - Another Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Mark Sherry's Dreamland Intro Raveup) (Indecent Noise Edit)(03:30)
[180:59]62.Neelix vs. Simon Patterson vs. John O'Callaghan & Full Tilt feat. Karen Kelly - Breathe Code Alone (Muhammad Lee Mashup)(04:10)
[185:09]63.Jase Thirlwall - Thunderflash (Indecent Noise Remix)(03:13)
[188:22]64.Scot Project - U (Mark Sherry's Acidburst Remix vs. Mark Sherry's Outburst Remix) (Indecent Noise Edit)(03:53)
[192:15]65.Simon Patterson - Brush Strokes (John Askew Remix)(02:56)
[195:11]66.Indecent Noise - Disorder(04:30)
[199:42]67.Indecent Noise pres. Mental Asylum - Trauma(03:23)
[203:04]68.Bowdidge & Taylor - Power Cut (Indecent Noise Remix)(04:20)
[207:25]69.Paul van Dyk - Out There(03:09)
[210:34]70.Mac Zimms - L'Annonce Des Couleurs (The Mystery Remix)(03:25)
[213:59]71.Matt Bowdidge - My Reflection(03:09)
[217:08]72.The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Paul van Dyk Remix)(02:30)
[219:38]73.Manuel Le Saux - Precious (Darren Porter Remix)(02:29)
[222:07]74.Abstract Vision & Philippe El Sisi - Aerobatics(02:56)
[225:03]75.Coast 2 Coast feat. Le Sal & Phoenix - Cut Me (John O'Callaghan Rework)(02:42)
[227:45]76.Ferry Corsten feat. Jenny Wahlström - Many Ways (Will Atkinson Midnight Remix)(03:40)
[231:25]77.Ridgewalkers feat. El - Find (Indecent Noise Bootleg Mix)(02:42)
[234:07]78.Dallas Superstars - Higher (Indecent Noise Edit)(03:16)
[237:23]79.Armin van Buuren feat. BT vs. Indecent Noise feat. Ridgewalkers - Full Moon Hearts (Armin van Buuren Mashup)(02:56)
[240:19]80.Indecent Noise - Razor (James Dymond Remix)(03:55)
[244:14]81.Indecent Noise - Supercharge (Acid Mix)(03:36)
[247:50]82.Indecent Noise pres. Mental Asylum - Gambit(03:36)
[251:26]83.Indecent Noise - Phobia(04:03)
[255:30]84.Federation - New Religion (Indecent Noise Remix)(04:20)
[259:50]85.CJ Stone - Shine (Heart Of Stone Mix) (Indecent Noise Rework)(03:46)
[263:37]86.Indecent Noise - Warsaw (Lostly Remix)(03:09)
[266:46]87.Nero vs. John Newall - Drop Your Promises (Indecent Noise Mashup)(03:09)
[269:55]88.Rank 1 - Awakening(03:16)
[273:11]89.DJ Arabesque - The Vision (Vision 1 Original Mix)(03:09)
[276:20]90.Arome - Scream (DJ Scot Project Remix)(02:42)
[279:03]91.Cosmic Gate - The Wave(02:56)
[281:59]92.Svenson & Gielen - Twisted (Energy Mix)(03:09)
[285:08]93.Darude - Sandstorm(02:25)
[287:33]94.Trance All-Stars - Go! (Talla 2XLC Club Mix)(04:19)
[291:52]95.RMB - Redemption 2.0(05:26)

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2014-01-12 @ 14:13 UTC
lindmik (
Not really. I prefer to do it myself from scratch when the official release is out.

This is not to say that I wouldn't appreciate your work, but you could have uploaded the cue yourself instead of via a proxy.
2014-01-11 @ 22:15 UTC
NastyBeats (
So You guys don't want me to sent cue's & rips anymore???
2014-01-11 @ 16:06 UTC
lindmik (
Well, he sent it to me too. What a rotten person. :D
2014-01-11 @ 13:17 UTC
jambowned (
Blame NastyBeats, he's the one who sent me a 5 hour rough cue to fix up.
2014-01-10 @ 12:56 UTC
lindmik (
No, no. I understand. I am old and slow.
2014-01-09 @ 22:44 UTC
jambowned (
Hah, knew you'd have a whinge about this.
2014-01-09 @ 19:09 UTC
lindmik (
Updated stuff.
2014-01-09 @ 17:03 UTC
Really should have gone to this :( Cheers for the cue!
2014-01-09 @ 16:58 UTC
lindmik (
How dare you? I guess I'll drop Radio Bosh from my list now also... :p
2014-01-09 @ 00:35 UTC
jambowned (
Thanks to NastyBeats for the base, just had to line it up with the SBD release and add frames.

Enjoy this amazing set!
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