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2020-08-08 @ 05:31 UTC
mb asot 976 ?)
2020-08-06 @ 23:09 UTC
Hi guys. Tomorrow I will add next 2 GDJB sets (33% done). But I will not add the last GDJB, because here is full version of Luminosity set that I've done before:
2020-08-06 @ 02:57 UTC
jambo (
The easiest way is on

but I can keep doing ABGT if they are no longer getting uploaded each week
2020-08-05 @ 14:21 UTC
hey guys! i was trying few times, but can not make it ((( i cant get a point, do i need a software for that?
2020-08-05 @ 14:15 UTC
thank you for ABGT )))
2020-08-05 @ 05:07 UTC
jambo (
ABGT is really easy to cue, as timings are on both YT and 1001T
2020-08-05 @ 05:07 UTC
jambo (
I've added cues for those episodes of ABGT, but MarQ is correct.

Requests go on the requests page.

Also, the formatting on the last few years of ABGT is all over the place...
2020-08-04 @ 10:51 UTC
rub1no: Please post requests on the Requests page. Maybe someone will do ABGT, but there's no guarantee. You might like to trying cueing them yourself.
2020-08-02 @ 11:53 UTC
Hey, guys!

can you upload ABGT 390, 391, 392.

Thank you in advance,

Greetings from Tallinn, Estonia
2020-07-31 @ 22:14 UTC
I will start to add new GDJB sets during this weekend.
2020-07-31 @ 11:57 UTC
Hello cuenation people
It is almost August, time to go on vacation (Feriae Augusti).
I'll take a break and
I will not be present on two ASOT episode 976 & 977
When I return, I'll make up for both episodes.
Stay Healthy & stay safe
and I will see you soon on ASOT 978 (20.08.2020)
With best regards
baby967 vs. 769ybab
2020-07-25 @ 07:14 UTC
hey guys!

would you be so kind and upload abgt 389,390 and 391.

thank you!
2020-07-22 @ 22:53 UTC
2020-07-19 @ 19:07 UTC
hey guys! can you upload abgt 389, 390.

thank you
2020-07-16 @ 09:46 UTC
Thanks for all the recent EMs! Hopefully a cue file for Bedouin's mix from March will be uploaded as well, I am a huge fan of these atmospheric soundscapes!
2020-07-12 @ 19:20 UTC
Hi guys, now I am working on cue for GDJB Sunrise set and Matt Fax Guestmix - but I will NOT add cue for replayed GDJB World tour from the beginning of July. Thanks.
2020-07-07 @ 14:55 UTC
frifox (
2020-07-07 @ 12:44 UTC
Cert's expired!
2020-07-07 @ 04:32 UTC
@EsMer not bad, but plz don't add REM stuff with redirects..
2020-07-05 @ 03:35 UTC
EsMer (
Hi guys, check out my tool to create CUEs from
Thank you..
I hope I don't break any rules
2020-06-28 @ 10:18 UTC
Hey guys!

Can you kindly upload ABGT 386, 387.

Thank you
2020-06-23 @ 17:48 UTC
Phonneo (
Hey Guys!
Can you please upload Armada Next cues? ?
THX a lot!!!
2020-06-13 @ 12:46 UTC
hey guys! can you upload abgt 383, 384, 385.

Thank you
2020-06-02 @ 08:08 UTC
I will try to do cues for GDJB ASAP.
2020-05-19 @ 07:12 UTC
stev0b (
I've just updated the JOOF Sessions 008 cue if anyone is interested.
2020-05-10 @ 08:18 UTC
Brent_ (
Any new Essential Mix cues coming up? The lineup over the past few weeks was pretty awesome :)
2020-05-09 @ 10:59 UTC
Freak (
Is anyone doing a cue for Indecent Noise - Guilty Pleasure Rodeo (April 25th 2020) (on Soundcloud)
2020-05-09 @ 10:59 UTC
Freak (
Is anyone doing a cue for Indecent Noise - Guilty Pleasure Rodeo (April 25th 2020) (on Soundcloud)
2020-05-02 @ 12:09 UTC
During this weekend I will add all 3 missing GDJB sets. Sorry for delay guys. :(
2020-04-19 @ 15:42 UTC
New GDJBs today.
2020-04-18 @ 14:08 UTC
hey people! abgt 375, 376, 377 would be available any time soon? Thank you. Stay safe
2020-04-06 @ 12:02 UTC
First lockdown cue mission complete. Cued all the missing Protoculture - Gravity South episodes I have on my harddrive. Now just missing episode 51, 53 and 99 (I think). If anyone has these on a hard drive somewhere, please upload so I can complete the collection :)
2020-04-06 @ 08:09 UTC
speakafreaka (
Is there a good cue editor for Mac? I've knocked up one for skream and nocturnal sunshine but I get a time error in the log when trying to split it.

Im just using textedit to create them.
2020-04-03 @ 10:32 UTC
Brent_ (
Four hour(!) Essential Mix tonight with Amelie Lens :)
2020-03-30 @ 10:22 UTC
speakafreaka (
Anyone going to do the Nocturnal Sunshine essential mix? Great one if you like a bit of dub
2020-03-28 @ 20:23 UTC
YoDA (
Guys, who wants some good classics, welcome to my soundcloud page -
2020-03-28 @ 01:09 UTC
jambo (
JOOF ended up playing for 3 hours on his FB, sound quality was great so he should upload it to Soundcloud at some point.
2020-03-21 @ 15:31 UTC
stev0b (
@fixer: there'll be a few more to come. Have to do something to keep me occupied whilst in isolation.
2020-03-21 @ 12:37 UTC
Thanks for cues to CJ Art's sets!
I discovered this guy on a party few months ago doing warm-up for J00F and can't stop checking all his mixes since then :)
2020-03-21 @ 03:46 UTC
jambo (
JOOF did a special 2 hour FB mix and will be doing more.
2020-03-19 @ 18:09 UTC
Jambo: 3,5 hour of this set is now on his Soundcloud page :)
2020-03-16 @ 06:29 UTC
jambo (
Would be cool to have cues for the Indecent Noise FB set.

I'll see if I can download the video easily and strip out the audio.
2020-03-15 @ 08:38 UTC
Jambo: Indecent Noise's set was amazing. This set was the reason why I added only one GDJB set instead of 2 sets as I wrote :D

PS: Thank you for your help Sterzik ;)
2020-03-15 @ 07:29 UTC
jambo (
Digweed did one as well.
2020-03-15 @ 07:28 UTC
jambo (
Indecent Noise just did a 6 hour live DJ stream on FB!
2020-03-14 @ 16:24 UTC
Today, I will add last 2 GDJB's.
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