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2021-10-08 @ 19:09 UTC
YoDA (
Can't edit time info in cue.
2021-10-02 @ 05:48 UTC
stev0b (
Thanks fri
2021-09-30 @ 18:19 UTC
frifox (
lemme investigate...
2021-09-30 @ 18:18 UTC
stev0b (
Can't seem to edit the info on a cue? Trying to correct a length but not working.
2021-09-05 @ 08:47 UTC
silv3r (
Oh, ok, I've forgotten some of the rules here. The sets are quite nice. If they can be posted here, let me know. I can also attach the download links.
2021-09-02 @ 17:01 UTC
lindmik (
No you won't! No cues for commercial releases. Though, we've been mostly removed from Google already due to bogus complaints, so should we care anymore?
2021-09-02 @ 16:26 UTC
silv3r (
One set down, two more to go. I'll post the cues here as soon as I finish them.
2021-09-02 @ 07:21 UTC
silv3r (
I have the continuous mixes from Beatport. I guess I'll have to split them myself.
2021-09-02 @ 06:19 UTC
lindmik (
Rip them from the CDs?
2021-09-02 @ 05:26 UTC
silv3r (
Hi, guys! Does anyone know if there are any cues for the latest In Search of Sunrise 17?
2021-08-16 @ 00:04 UTC
hamed (
I was following Roger Shah from his collaboration with his brother Pedro Del Mar on Mellomania radio show.
At beginning, he was a trance producer, then he changed his path from trance to chill and Balearic formats.
Personally, I liked his old school tracks.
2021-08-15 @ 23:56 UTC
hamed (
check the track:
Amir Farhoodi - Persepolis (Standard Form Remix) [Lost Language]
I think it will be the best trance track in 2021
2021-08-13 @ 04:48 UTC
jambo (
It's a shame about Magic Island, I always loved listening to the 2nd hour.

I hadn't listened for a while and went to catch up the other day, only to see it had ended.
2021-08-11 @ 16:15 UTC
hamed (
all dl links not working for me and thanks for the info
2021-08-10 @ 08:40 UTC
(1) I have no problem with the download links.
(2) Shah posted on his Facebook page that it takes him a full day each week to produce the show and he'd rather spend the time composing and songwriting, which he enjoys more.
2021-08-07 @ 10:09 UTC
hamed (
For some reason, all download links in this website don't work
2021-08-07 @ 09:05 UTC
hamed (
Guys do you know why roger shah ended up his radio show? I couldn't find anything on the internet.
2021-08-06 @ 18:41 UTC
YoDA (
Just uploaded cues for my Between Two Worlds 9, but my changes for title & performer isn't showes on top pages.
2021-07-15 @ 09:21 UTC
Brent_ (
File 2021-05-25 - René LaVice - BBC Radio 1 - Radio 1's Drum & Bass Show (With Technimatic & Kytami & Phonik Ops).cue already exists!

This one doesn't show up & I can't add it again.
2021-07-13 @ 18:53 UTC
frifox (
PS: I'm currently working on the site, maybe things will be down here and there for a bit...
2021-07-13 @ 16:45 UTC
Brent_ (
Ah yes it works here as well, but not showing up in recently added. Anyway I added 4 new Drum & Bass Show cues.
2021-07-13 @ 13:52 UTC
Working just fine for me...
2021-07-13 @ 11:10 UTC
Brent_ (
Uploading is not working here either
2021-07-12 @ 11:18 UTC
jambo (
@frifox: I just uploaded a JOOF live set cue and it's not showing up in the Recently Added section
2021-07-10 @ 19:20 UTC
@frifox Some cues uploaded during the buggy time are not appearing on their Category pages, or the Recent list. E.g.

(They are on the RSS feed though.)
2021-07-10 @ 13:53 UTC
tranceaddict_cl (
catbird77, thanks for cueing Gai Barone and Paul Thomas.
2021-07-10 @ 05:14 UTC
2021-07-10 @ 00:52 UTC
frifox (
Uploading fixed. Let me know if you guys see any more bugs!
2021-07-09 @ 18:56 UTC
Here it has started, ​download.
It's fixed & it works.
2021-07-09 @ 18:50 UTC
Yes catbird77
The same problem is with me and everyone,
I can't see my new post
and it's there & it exists there.
2021-07-09 @ 18:45 UTC
frifox (
oh, if you meant DOWNLOAD cue, then I just saw a bug. It's fixed now
2021-07-09 @ 18:42 UTC
frifox (
can you email me the cue? I'll try to fix it up
2021-07-09 @ 17:47 UTC
I can't upload any cue file?
2021-07-08 @ 23:07 UTC
frifox (
moved cuenation to another server. Old one was giving us issues...
2021-07-04 @ 21:00 UTC
A cue for Mind Against's Essential Mix would be awesome!
2021-07-04 @ 17:38 UTC
LE cert is again expired ... just create an automatic renewal task for that. ;-)
2021-06-11 @ 10:30 UTC
Brent_ (
Any chance for some more Essential Mix cues soon? Running behind a year now :(
2021-05-30 @ 10:54 UTC
Can anyone please cue the R1 Dance at Big Weekend sets? Thank you!
2021-05-11 @ 21:26 UTC
Por favor crear sets para CUE Suanda Music - Roman Messer
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